Row on an Ancient Greek warship (trireme) and experience its glorious Naval History 

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  • Row in the world’s only trireme.
  • Redefine your understanding of Ancient Greek Naval History through the unique knowledge gained by our Naval History expert. 
  • Experience ancient Greek naval history both as a scholar and an ancient deck hand. 
  • Create a lifelong and unique memory.

 Limited Availability! Please book your place at least 15 days ahead. For groups of over 20pax please contact us by email.

As hands-on as it gets! Become an ancient Greek seaman aboard world’s only trireme! Gain a lifelong memory and learn all about its Naval History becoming a part of it! 

Combine your visit to Athens with this unique opportunity to row and maneuver the only trireme in existence, the most formidable warship in the Mediterranean during the classical period of Greece. Immerse in the Ancient Greek Naval History both as scholar and a deck-hand on this amazing 170-rows vessel.

Ancient Greek Naval battle tactics amongst other topics will complete your lifetime memory; prior to joining dozens of other would-be ancient-Greek-rowers. Small groups of 10 people maximum and our professional expert (Naval History Researcher, writer of the book “Τrireme, Τactics and Operational Environment in Ancient Greece”) guarantee you the highest knowledge fulfillment.

This workshop lasts approximately 3 hours, including the trireme-row and is suitable for anyone between the age of 18 and 75. No previous academic or other experience is required. However, as this experience involves physical activity, a reasonable fitness level applies.

Extra bonus

This experience takes place at the Floating Naval Museum of Athens, where you can see and visit several historical ships, amongst them the Battleship Averof, served as Greece’s flagship during most of the first half of the 20th century and being in fact an armoured cruiser, the only ship of this type still in existence. Moreover the Museum is right next to the Flisvos Marina, where you can enjoy the view of the Mediterranean esplanade along with luxury yachts, lined with many fine dining and shopping venues.



Museum Ship Averof - Marina Flisvos Trokadero,Athens,17510, Greece

An exciting hands-on experience reviving the ancient Greek Naval History at its authentic location.

Our experience will start at the entrance of the Floating Naval Museum, right next to the Flisvos Marina. Under the watchful eye of the god Poseidon, in view of Athens’ historical naval port, you will meet our expert facilitator and settle down in the adjacent open-air park.

In the next 1 hour you will learn everything about the trireme warship, its crew and the hard work of training. The role of the oarsmen, their positions and why the oarsmen of first row enjoyed extra salary. You will become familiar to the philosophy of sea war in tactical level and you will "taste" the feeling of fighting on a warship 2500 years ago. We will discuss and examine three methods of ramming, define what was the “ideal strike” and how the enemy’s ship could be out of naval battle in no time. You will also gain a deep understanding of ship warriors (marines) and their decisive role during the naval battle.

Then, for the next 2 hours, you will practice your knowledge while boarding and sailing the trireme, becoming a fearless ancient seafarer! The ship is owned by the Hellenic Navy and it is a replica of an ancient Greek warship, while it moves exclusively with the power of its 170 rowers! You will take your place as a rower and learn to row according to the captain’s orders in ancient Greek. Then the trireme will sail and do a round of about 60min until it returns in the harbor.  As this is a real warship with 170 rowers, the whole process (boarding, training, sailing, rowing, docking, and debarkation) lasts approximately 2 hours. 


At the entrance of the Floating Naval Museum Averof,  

Marina Flisvos, Trokadero station, Athens, 17510

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  • Your booking confirmation voucher (printed or as a photo)
  • “Registration and Safety Regulations Adherence Form” completed, for the Trireme; the document will be sent to you via email.
  • Casual clothing, sport’s shoes and hat will be required.
  • Expert facilitator (Naval History Researcher and Writer).
  • Trireme ship guidance by Hellenic Navy officers/representatives.
  • Trireme Rowing Participation Fee
  • Battleship Averof Entrance Fee (optional visit after the workshop)
  • Skip the line
  • Local Taxes





  • Transportation to/from attractions and the workshop.
  • Guided tour

15 min before the start time

Floating Naval Museum of Athens

The museum is actually a small harbor hosting, besides the Τrireme Olympias, several historical vessels:

The Averof warship: launched in 1911 and remained active for more than 40 years. It took part in four different wars, the two Balkan Wars, and the two World Wars, and was the leadership of the Hellenic Navy, providing many victories against the enemies. This warship is connected with major moments of the Greek history.

The Velos warship: a living World War II monument and anti-dictatorial action of the Hellenic Navy, since in May 1973, Governor Anpso Nick. Pappa fled to Fiumicino, Italy, as a reaction to the military dictatorship and the Navy movement.

The sailboat "Evangelistria": one of the last genuine Aegean sailing boats, built in Syros in 1939.

The Cable Steamboat "Thalis the Milesian": built in 1909 and used by the Hellenic Telecommunication Services for laying and maintenance of telephone cables between the Greek islands. It is also the oldest cable ship in the world, which still maintains its original engine room with its two original propulsion engines.

The historic sailboat "EVGENIOS EVGENIDIS": launched in 1929 and until 1939, mainly used by the Runciman family. During World War II the ship was used for special missions from the Allies.


Flisvos Marina

Only 6 km from the centre of Athens, in Paleo Faliro, Flisvos Marina is Greece’s first exclusive marina to offer large-scale mooring capacity for mega-yacht owners from Greece and abroad. The marina features 303 berths, more than half of which accommodate luxury yachts of over 35 meters. At Flisvos you may also find a commercial complex that stretches across 3,800 sq.m, features a majestic Mediterranean esplanade lined with fine dining and shopping venues as well as a roster of special events throughout the calendar year for yacht owners and visitors alike. Lastly, the newly constructed Athens ring road and the extensive and modern public transportation system allow easy and convenient access to the Archaeological Museum as well as excursions to the Acropolis, historical sites, monuments and museums.


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Moreover, this workshop is highly interactive, therefore requires at least 4 people to participate. Furthermore, this is an outdoor experience therefore it also requires good weather. In case it is canceled due to poor weather, or due to fewer than 4 participants, you will be notified at least 3 hours ahead, and will be offered the option to choose between a different date, a similar workshop, or a full refund.

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Your confirmation will be sent at the time of your booking.

You will be required to complete the “Registration and Safety Regulations Adherence Form” for the Trireme, in English; which shall also be sent to you ahead via email to review it. 

Casual clothing, sport’s shoes and hat will be required.

Food and drinks are strictly forbidden (except for water).

In case of poor weather, or due to few participants, the Navy has the right to forbid the sailing. In that case you will still get on board and do static rowing.

The site and the trireme are NOT wheelchair accessible and a reasonable level of fitness is required.

The event shall be conducted in both English and Greek plus the captain’s orders in ancient Greek. There will be no difficult words or terminology.

All participants must adhere to both our facilitator’s guidance and Hellenic Navy’s officials, in order to achieve equal participation and heritage respectfulness. Our facilitator and the Navy officials will retain the right to expel any participant who impedes the event’s guidelines.

Museum Ship Averof
Marina Flisvos Trokadero,Athens,17510, Greece